Infrastructure & Facilities

The main school building of MIPs comprises of three floors those houses the administrative block with modern and stylish lobby and a conference room. This main building has a constructed area of approx 6000sqm(66,000 sqft). The center space of the building is covered with the dome spread across an area of 1800 sqm (20,000 sqft) that provides facilities of an indoor stadium also..

This block also houses 52 well equipped class rooms, each having an carpet area of 51 sq m(560 sq ft) with a seating capacity of 30 students only in each class so that the teacher can pay proper attention to each and every student. Seating arrangement is made as per ergonomics so that the students can comfortably study in the classes. Each student is provided with a locker in these classrooms for ensuring the concept of bag less school a reality. All class rooms are provided with computers that are connected to central server for delivering audio visuals curriculum while teaching.

 The school has well qualified and experienced teaching staff recruited from all over India. These veterans are well conversant in their subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Languages and Computers. In MIPs the teaching pedagogy ensures the usage of modern aids like audio visual CD/DVD, tools and equipments for ensuring smooth ways of understanding and learning by the students.

An Audio Visual room is available which is equipped with a computer, LCD projector with speakers and is having a seating capacity of about 30 students; it’s used to play audio and visual CD/DVD tutorials for visual learning.

The entire building is air conditioned to ensure temperature very comfortable for students while studies.

The school is having fully equipped 7 laboratories consisting of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies, Mathematics, Computers and Language Lab. This is one of the rare institutions from central India region fully equipped with operational laboratories for all subjects which are maintained as per CBSE Board prescribed norms.

  Chemistry Lab

Each laboratory is having approximately 90 sqm(1000 sqft) air conditioned area. It can accommodate more than 50 students and are well equipped as per CBSE syllabus. It is the policy of the school that experiments have to be conducted on one to one basis, as this helps to understand the curriculum explicitly after attending the theory classes.The Chemistry laboratory is also equipped with most modern equipment like Kipps apparatus, physical balance and to promote safety among students, safety instruction with slogans are displayed all around the laboratory.

  Biology Lab

The Biology laboratory is equipped with travelling and compound microscopes that magnify to 150x, human torso models where students can assemble parts of human body, human skeleton, working models of heart, lungs, around 50 specimens of plant and animal kingdom, more than 50 sectional slides and charts. Students are encouraged to create models of life processes like photosynthesis, respiration, blood circulation and models based on water cycle, nitrogen cycle. Students from all classes participate in biological experiments from their curriculum to enrich their knowledge.

  Physics Lab

The Physics laboratory is equipped with modern equipments like Forten’s barometer, deflection Galvanometer, different types of wet and dry cells and many experiments based on the curriculum.

  Computer Lab

This is one of the rare school that has implemented a Wide  Area Network(WAN) on a 10/100 Mbps network. The computer laboratory has an area of 90 sq m(1000 sq ft) and is fully air conditioned. The school has a policy of maintaining a student and computer ratio of 1:1. Students from class one onwards are taught the basics of computer to HTML programming for the senior students.

As a matter of poliAs a matter of policy students are provided with email Id from class V onwards along with access to internet. MIPs provides students their email IDs to interact with their teachers through email.

At least two hours are allocated in each week to all classes and commences from class I onwards as Computer class. Through the syllabus for the course is as per the CBSE norms, the school teaches different software like paint brush, Microsoft office, Email and internet browsers etc. As a matter of policy students can also use internet to explore the boundaries of the world and beyond.Attached to the computer laboratory is the language laboratory, where students can practice phonetics. Phonetics is the art of speech articulation, acoustics and perception. Here students use the phonetics software to practice speaking into the headphones and the computer assesses their manner of speaking. Based on the assessment, students can improve their ability to improvise their communication skills in English.

To promote reading habit among students, a state of the art library is created in MIPs campus. It houses hundreds of books related to subjects like Mathematics, Arts, Science, Sociology, fiction, non-fiction, current affairs, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, reference books, English literature, Hindi literature, magazines of interest and educational Compact Disc (CD, DVD). The library will be soon enhanced into e-Library to increase its reach and make it more technology enable user friendly learning resource.

The air–conditioned library is built upon an area of 100 sq m (1120 sqft) and is facilitated by a professional librarian to administer the library facilities. There are more than 7 news papers both in English and Hindi and students are encouraged to read the news papers as part of their regular activities. This helps the students to keep abreast of the day to day events. The newspapers are displayed on the newspaper kiosks that are especially designed for students. Also around 15 periodicals that range from India Today, Champak, Data quest, Readers Digest, Sports Star, Tell me Why, National Geographic for Kids, Science magazines, Educational World etc.

There are more than 2000 books of English and Hindi literature available for classes I to XII. These books have been made available to enrich the knowledge of the children and also cultivate the reading habits.

To promote reading habits among students, two periods have been assigned from Class I to class VIII and one period to Class IX to Class XII in a week, where they can read, refer to reference book, issue books etc. An e-library is also available to those who want to refer to digital format of books, browse the interest for gathering reference material and also print some reference material of academic interest.

The library has a large number of CD/DVDs that enhance the student learning through visuals. These CD/DVDs consists of teaching the student good habits especially on culinary etiquettes, manner, social habits through a medium of storytelling. Also there are good reference materials on different subjects for higher class students.

The school promotes extra- curricular activities like art, music and dance. There are three studios with qualified staff that cater to these skills for students. The school provides all material for painting, music and dance.

The music room has an area of 60 sq m (560 sq ft) and it is mandatory for all classes to participate in music class. At least one hour is devoted for learning music every week. The curriculum of music includes teaching of various instruments like keyboard, harmonium, guitar, tabla, octopad, santoor, jaltarang, etc.

The art room has an area of 60 sq m (560 sq ft) and it is mandatory for all classes to participate in art class. At least two hours are devoted for learning art every week. The curriculum includes theory and practice of fine arts, crafts and collage. In theory, children are taught color schemes, art styles of famous artists and basics of oil and water painting. In practice they are taught different method of paintings like spray painting, still life, thumb and still painting using material wax crayons, pencils, charcoal, poster color and water color. In craft they are taught to make models using different materials like paper, craft paper, ice cream sticks and match sticks.

Dances are taught in two auditoriums and it is mandatory for students to be enrolled in at least one dance form. At least one hour is dedicated for learning dance every week. In dance class, student are trained in various traditional and folk dance forms like Chhattisgarhi, Bhangra, Dandiya, Raas Lila etc. having impressions of rich  Indian culture for our students.

All the above hobbies are enhanced among our students to nurture as per their area of interests.

The boys hostel named after “B.L. Sharma” an educational philanthropist who promoted education among girls in Rajasthan is built upon total carpet area 4320 sqm (48000 sq ft) with the constructed area of 2700 sqm (30000 sq ft) to accommodate 320 boys. There are 80 rooms each of more than 15.5 sq m (170 sq ft) and four boys occupies a room in this hostel.An isolation roomis also available in this Hostel for sick students, warden room for 24 hours support and vigilance with an indoor play area.

The girls hostel has been named after “Jamuna Devi Sharma” and is built upon carpet area of 2160 sq m (24000 sqft) with constructed area is 1350 sq m (15000 sq ft) . to accommodate 160 girls. It also houses an isolation room for sick students, in-house warden room for 24 hours assistance and is also having indoor play area.  There are 40 rooms each of more than 15.5 sq m(170 sqft) and four girls occupies a room in this hostel.

Each student is provided with a bed, mattress, pillow, blanket and bed sheets. A table is provided to each student for studies or keeping books. The room is well decorated with curtains to keep the sunlight and dust away. The bed sheets along with the pillow cover are changed every alternate day so as to maintain hygiene to match up with the International standards of any good residential school.

There are changing rooms in every floor, where the students are able to change their clothes, put in the dirty laundry for washing. There are four bath areas, each consisting of four bathrooms, where the students can take bath. This room is also equipped with shoe polish machine and shoe stand.

Besides these, each hostel also consists of study room where the students can do combine study or read news paper and magazines etc. There is a TV room where the students can watch TV during the evening hours. Also water coolers are provided in each floor for availing cool drinking water 24 hours in the hostels.

There are two computers installed in the hostel with internet connectivity for the students to browse and remain connected as per need.

There is one isolation room, where sick students are kept to prevent infection from spreading to other students, in case of medical exigencies.

The hostel also has facilities for indoor games like badminton, chess etc which students can play during weekend and free hours.

The hostel warden room is within the hostel premises so that appropriate care is provided to the students and proper human surveillance is available around round the clock.

Games are one of the biggest highlights of MIPS, where students are emphasized for participating in games. The school has variety of games both indoor and outdoor that are available round the year.

The school has the following playgrounds for sports activities.

Football ground, Hockey ground, Cricket ground, three cricket practice pitches, two lawn tennis courts, an archery and air pistol shooting arena, field track events, long and high jump ground, volley ball and sand ball grounds, basket ball courts, ten badminton courts both indoor and outdoor, hand ball court, discuss throw, javelin throw and shot put grounds are all available with MIPs campus.

Indoor games include table tennis, billiards or pool table, chess, caroms, Chinese checkers, computer games where students can play the game on desktops in the game room. These are some of the recreational facilities that are available to students during school days as well as weekends. Specialized coaches are available to train the students in their favorite games.

Specialized training is provided to students from coaches who are experts in their games. At regular intervals, players of national and international repute are invited to give tips based on their expertise.

The school provides all equipments for playing games, however it may be personal choice of the students to bring in a badminton racquet or personal sports gear. These equipments have to be marked with their personal names so that identification is easy.

A swimming pool has been built within the campus as per international standards. There are two swimming pools to cater to the junior and senior students. Swimming is available for both boys and girls, however the timings are different. Coaching for boys and girls are done separately by male and female coaches respectively.

The larger swimming pool is of 25m x 15m x 1.30m deep for senior class students while the smaller swimming pool is of 15m x 5m x 1m deep junior class students.

To maintain hygiene, an automatic filtration plant continuously filters the water to clear the water of any dust and sedimentation. pH of the water is checked daily before students are allowed into the swimming pool to ensure that water is as per hygiene and standard norms for swimming.

Periodic treatment of water is carried by the maintenance staff to ensure that there are no algae, moss, bacterial fungus etc. in the water of swimming pool.

There is an open auditorium having seating capacity of 500 persons who can watch the swimming events that are held regularly.

There are two swimming pools to cater to the junior and senior classes students separately in the swimming pool building.Swimming sessions are made available for both girls and boys separately with different timings and coach cum rescue drivers are made available as male and female coaches for both the girls and boys respectively.The larger swimming pool is of 25m x 15m x 1.30m deep and can hold 5,00,000 liters of water. It is available for students from higher classes while the smaller swimming pool is of 15m x 5 m x 1 m available for smaller class students.


As part of preservation of Hindu culture, where students are taught the virtues of Hindu principles of living, a temple has been built in the campus dedicated to Lord Hanuman as one who helps children in distress. No day is complete without a visit to the temple and a prayer to Lord Hanuman and seeks his blessing for keeping the purity of the mind and helps them overcome obstacles.

To keep the campus working like a clock without tiring, all utilities have been incorporated within the campus. No job is small nor is any job very big as the team gets involved in day to day activities. All menial jobs are done in houses to ensure that there is a proper control. The day starts with small tasks like cleaning of class rooms, lavatories to the tedious tasks like cutting grass and maintaining the hedges.

To take care of the erratic power supplies, a diesel generator with a capacity of 125KVA has been installed to supply Power backup in case of emergencies. This generator is enough to supply power to the entire campus and maintain security during night hours.


The school believes in a strict policy of maintaining safety across the entire campus and off campus. As our motto “Safety begins at home”, we have a policy to ensure that things are happening correctly and there are no makeshift arrangements.

Security of the campus is managed by professional security guards manning the campus entire day and night in shifts. At night security guards patrols throughout the campus and maintain vigilance to ensure that there is no intrusion. Surveillance cameras are located at strategic locations records all events into a storage device and are managed by the main gate security. Cameras have infrared lamps that can take pictures even in darkness.

A major hazard that is common is Fire. At strategic locations, fire extinguishers and buckets filled with sand are placed to prevent any unwanted hazards. Gas cylinders used for cooking and laboratories are located outside to prevent fire from spreading inside the room.

As students travel and walk on the road, road safety classes are conducted every year by Traffic personnel. There is also a road sign chart inside the campus where students can refer to road signs.

At swimming pool there are safety posters telling the students on the best practices and the Dos and Don’ts of actions for swimming pool. Also in laboratories, the best practices posters are hung that help the student to learn about his actions in the laboratory.Maintenance personnel maintain a constant vigil to ensure that all equipment and street lightning are as per norms.


The school has a gymnasium and yoga center where students can exercise or mediate based on their preference.
The gymnasium consists of two tread mills, elliptical,weight lifting and body lifting equipments.

Students can use the equipments either in the morning when the weather is not suitable for an outdoor exercise or in the evening after their academics.

Yoga an ancient tradition of sages is taught to the students with the basic aim of improving their concentration and exercise. A yoga instructor helps the students in performing exercise in the mornings and helps them to keep them healthy.

Conference Hall

A conference hall, equipped with LCD projector connected toa computer with speakers having a seating capacity of about 100 people is used for various curriculums.

Auditorium (Indoor Stage)

A huge Auditorium covering an area of 20,000 sq. ft. with a capacity of housing 5,000 students for conducting various co-curricular is available inside the Main Building of MIPs.

Movie Time

Every Sunday the students of MIS are shown Movie in the school theatre which is an all-time entertainment source in our country. But while showing movies all the contents and its presentation are checked by the internal auditors to ensure only educational and social messages are carried to them and unnecessary inputs are deleted as per need.

• Transport-Bus Route

• Mess

A highly equipped, hygienic and furnished MESS built on an area of 14,000 sq. ft. with the dining hall covers an area of 8,000 sq. ft. Inside the Mess Kitchen the cooking section has been equipped with an area of 4,000 sq. ft. and washing section covers an area of 2,000 sq. ft. to facilitate the cooking for about 1000 people at a time. A full time dedicated team of traditional cooking expert chefs along with assistants are available 24X7 for providing tasty and healthy food to the students and inmates of the school.

Sport Facilities(Cricket,Basketball,volleyball etc)

Cricket Ground

A standard cricket ground consists of a pair of dues pitch and cemented practice pitch along with a modern bowling machine for the students.A professional coach is available during the sports session for students to learn the techniques and tricks of playing good cricket.

Football Ground

Two Football Grounds as per international standards are available inside the school campus of MIPs for the students to play football.

Hockey Ground

Two Hockey Grounds as per international standards are available for the students not only to enjoy playing hockey but also learning the art of playing this traditional Indian sport.

Lawn Tennis Courts

A pair of clay coated Lawn Tennis Courts is available inside MIPs campus for providing MIPs students the opportunity to play and learn Lawn Tennis.

Basketball courts

Two outdoor and one indoor Basket Ball Courts of standard norms are available in MIPs campus for the students to play and enjoy the zing of Basketball.

Shooting Range & Archery

An arena for Shooting and Archery is also there in the campus.

Volley Ball Courts

Two Volley Ball Courts of standard repute are available for the students of MIPs in the campus.

Sand Ball Courts

Even for the sports like Sand Ball, two Courts of standard norms are available for the students.

Hand Ball Court

Hand Ball Courtis also available inside the school campus for students.

Track N Field

The Campus is equipped with areas to play Discus throw, javelin throw, short put, racing tracks, long jump, high jump inside the large playgrounds available in the campus.

Indoor Games

The Indoor game facilities like Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess, Carroms, Chinese checkers, Computer games etc. are also available in the school for all students.


The school has a gymnasium for its students to adopt a healthy regime. The gymnasium consists of two tread mills, elliptical, weight lifting and body lifting equipments.


MIS has three sprawling gardens with green lawns, fountains, flowers and hedges of Henna in the campus.A stage garden as an outdoor Auditorium and two other large green gardens with slides, swings, see-saw, parallel bars etc. are perfectly matching the sprawling and serene natural beauty of the campus.

Water Filter Plant

The Reverse Osmosis Ultra Violet enabled water filtration plant has a capacity of 2,000 liters/hr for filtration of drinking water. This plant meets WHO standards and has best techniques for providing pure drinking water to the inmates of the campus.


The in house Laundry facility is used to wash dirty linen all the Hostellers.FABCARE Laundry is established inside the campus which comprises of washing machines, hydro separator, cloth dryers, steam generator dry cleaning equipment for washing all kinds of garments and blankets.

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