To promote reading habit among students, a state of the art library is created in MIPs campus. It houses hundreds of books related to subjects like Mathematics, Arts, Science, Sociology, fiction, non-fiction, current affairs, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, reference books, English literature, Hindi literature, magazines of interest and educational Compact Disc (CD, DVD). The library will be soon enhanced into e-Library to increase its reach and make it more technology enable user friendly learning resource.

The air–conditioned library is built upon an area of 100 sq m (1120 sqft) and is facilitated by a professional librarian to administer the library facilities. There are more than 7 news papers both in English and Hindi and students are encouraged to read the news papers as part of their regular activities. This helps the students to keep abreast of the day to day events. The newspapers are displayed on the newspaper kiosks that are especially designed for students. Also around 15 periodicals that range from India Today, Champak, Data quest, Readers Digest, Sports Star, Tell me Why, National Geographic for Kids, Science magazines, Educational World etc.

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The school is having fully equipped 7 laboratories consisting of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies, Mathematics, Computers and Language Lab. This is one of the rare institutions from central India region fully equipped with operational laboratories for all subjects which are maintained as per CBSE Board prescribed norms.

  Chemistry Lab

Each laboratory is having approximately 90 sqm(1000 sqft) air conditioned area. It can accommodate more than 50 students and are well equipped as per CBSE syllabus. It is the policy of the school that experiments have to be conducted on one to one basis, as this helps to understand the curriculum explicitly after attending the theory classes.The Chemistry laboratory is also equipped with most modern equipment like Kipps apparatus, physical balance and to promote safety among students, safety instruction with slogans are displayed all around the laboratory.

  Biology Lab

The Biology laboratory is equipped with travelling and compound microscopes that magnify to 150x, human torso models where students can assemble parts of human body, human skeleton, working models of heart, lungs, around 50 specimens of plant and animal kingdom, more than 50 sectional slides and charts. Students are encouraged to create models of life processes like photosynthesis, respiration, blood circulation and models based on water cycle, nitrogen cycle. Students from all classes participate in biological experiments from their curriculum to enrich their knowledge.

  Physics Lab

The Physics laboratory is equipped with modern equipments like Forten’s barometer, deflection Galvanometer, different types of wet and dry cells and many experiments based on the curriculum.

  Computer Lab

This is one of the rare school that has implemented a Wide  Area Network(WAN) on a 10/100 Mbps network. The computer laboratory has an area of 90 sq m(1000 sq ft) and is fully air conditioned. The school has a policy of maintaining a student and computer ratio of 1:1. Students from class one onwards are taught the basics of computer to HTML programming for the senior students.

As a matter of poliAs a matter of policy students are provided with email Id from class V onwards along with access to internet. MIPs provides students their email IDs to interact with their teachers through email.

At least two hours are allocated in each week to all classes and commences from class I onwards as Computer class. Through the syllabus for the course is as per the CBSE norms, the school teaches different software like paint brush, Microsoft office, Email and internet browsers etc. As a matter of policy students can also use internet to explore the boundaries of the world and beyond.Attached to the computer laboratory is the language laboratory, where students can practice phonetics. Phonetics is the art of speech articulation, acoustics and perception. Here students use the phonetics software to practice speaking into the headphones and the computer assesses their manner of speaking. Based on the assessment, students can improve their ability to improvise their communication skills in English.

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